Demircan İnşaat Elektrik Makine Sanayi Tic. A.Ş.


Gökdeniz houses built by Demircan Construction provide you with high construction quality as well as original architectural lines.

The project determined to be in the rocky ground with the ground surveys in the building process is structured in accordance with earthquake regulations with radyo foundation system. Gökdeniz C30 concrete quality is used according to the standards. In floor floors, gas concrete is preferred in terms of heat and sound insulation and fire safety.

Gökdeniz; unique architecture, light and nature, all of the floors are designed as comfort houses with sea view.

All the window chimneys go down to the upholstery so that we can aim at making the best quality brands with the best craftsmanship in the project where more daylight is entered in the house.



  • C 30 concrete quality
  • XYPEX waterproofing of basement and curtain concrete
  • AKG gas concrete in floors
  • Kone brand Panaromic, quick lift
  • Lightning rod
  • Fitness center, sauna, billiards, table tennis and social facilities consisting of cafes
  • Window and molds with comfort glass VİNSAMAKK
  • The calorimeter that shares the Gore's expense to the actual consumption values ​​in the houses heated by the central system



  • Cabinets painted in white lacquer or natural wood veneer.
  • -Large 1st class laminate flooring, Vitra ceramic.


Entrance and hallway

  • 1st class laminate flooring
  • Doors and cloakroom cabinets painted the same color natural wood veneer lacquer
  • Outer door natural wood veneered natural polished steel door



  • Floor and walls 1st class vitra ceramic
  • Cabinets white lacquer or natural wood veneer
  • Artema armature
  • Vitra vifrifiye


Producer firm technical requirements, design revisions etc. It has the right to make changes in materials and products for a reason.


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